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Price Menu


Price Menu: 

Every item on the Menu will be presented as a card. By default, there are three cards. However, you can add as many items as you like.

Each card will have similar customization options. You have two text fields- Title and Description. There are two numeric fields. The second numeric field will appear once you toggle on the Discount Toggle Bar.


Menu Items: Set the Background color, spacing, padding, and border.

Title: Click on the Pencil icon to open the typography Pop-up.

Title Separator: Pick a Separator between all the Titles on the Price Menu.

Price: Adjust the typography and color for the stated and original price for items.

Description: Adjust eh typography and color for the Description text.

Image: Adjust the Image size, width, margin, padding and border for the Images on the Cards.

Click to See Live Demo!

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