BetterDocs Category Grid

How to Configure & Style EA BetterDocs Category Grid

EA BetterDocs Category Grid lets you add the Box layout of BetterDocs landing page in your Elementor pages. You can easily customize it and style the layout as per your preference. It can come very handy to display your knowledge base on any page you want.

To use this feature, you must have the ultimate knowledge base tool for WordPress, BetterDocs installed on your website. Check out this guideline to see how you can configure the documentation landing page of BetterDocs.

How to Activate EA BetterDocs Category Grid

To use this Essential Addons for Elementor element, find the EA BetterDocs Category Grid element from the Search option under the ELEMENTS tab. Simply just Drag & Drop the ‘BetterDocs Category Grid’ into the Drag widget hereor the ‘+’ section.

BetterDocs Category Grid

After you are successfully done with step 1, this is how the element is going to look like.

BetterDocs Category Grid

How to Style EA BetterDocs Category Grid

From the ‘Content’ tab, you can style the BetterDocs Category Grid anyway you want.

Content Area #

The ‘Content Area’ allows you to add background to the BetterDocs category grid layout. If you want, you can add a background image or change its color. Besides, you can change the width of the category grid layout as well.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Column #

The ‘Column’ section gives you the control to change the spacing between each column. You can modify the Column padding as well. Besides, you can change the Typography and colors for Category & Count from this section.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Article #

The ‘Article’ section allows you to change the Typography, colors, background for List items. Besides, you can change the color and Size for Icon as well.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Button #

You can change the entire appearance of the Button from this section. You have complete control over how you want this to appear on ‘Normal’ or ‘Hover’ mode. You can change the background for each of the modes.

BetterDocs Category Grid

Final Outcome #

By following the basic steps and a bit more modifying, you can style your Betterdocs Category Grid as per your preference.

BetterDocs Category Box

With the help of EA BetterDocs Category Grid, this is how you can design an amazing knowledge base on your website and reduce the pressure on your support channel.

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