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Post Carousel


Query: From here, first select if you want to include Posts or Pages in the carousel. After that, use the Authors, Categories and Tags field to filter the posts which you want to include in your carousel. If you choose to include pages in the Carousel, you will have one additional filter criteria-Author. As soon as you place your mouse cursor inside the fields, it will show available suggestions.

Use the exclude posts field to specify any posts that meet your filtering criteria but still you do not want to include it in the carousel. Specify the number of posts you want to include in the Carousel from the Number of Posts field. Posts will be placed in the Carousel by default. But you can rearrange the posts. Both the Order by and Order fields will let you rearrange posts that meet your filtering criteria into a new sequence.

Layout Settings: Each post or page will be placed on a separate card. Each card will have the following components- Image, Title, Excerpt, and Meta description. From the Layout settings, you can toggle on/off any component from the cards. You can pick a size for the image, the length of the Excerpt and the position of the Meta.

Carousel Settings: You can pick effect for the Carousel. Currently, there are five effects- Fade, Slide, Cube, Overflow, and Flip. Use the bar to adjust the Visible Items, Items Gap and Slider Speed.

You can put the Carousel in Autoplay, to do so toggle on the Autoplay option. Furthermore, you can customize the speed of the Autoplay using a simple bar. Apart from Autoplay, you also have the option of Infinite Loop and Grab Cursor.

For convenience in Navigation, you can simply include an Arrow or a Dot on the CArousel. You can actually use both simultaneously.


Post Style: Each post/page in the Carousel is presented in a card layout in the Carousel. From the Post Style option, you can customize the cards and add styling to it. Any adjustment you make will be applied to all the cards in the Carousel.

Color and Typography: Each card on the Carousel will have three distinct text fields- Title, Meta, and Excerpt. Each of the three sets of texts will have customization options for adding title color, hover color. Use colors in the right contrast to create the perfect Hover effect. Apart from adding hover and text color you can adjust the typography i.e. font family, size, weight, letter spacing and so on. and lastly, you will see a separate field for adjusting the alignment of the text strings.

Arrows: The Arrow feature for navigation has a dozen different layouts. You can pick any Arrow style from the drop-down. Then adjust the size of the arrow. You can also adjust the alignment of the left and right arrow separately. You can set a different background color, arrow color for the normal and hover state for projecting a nice Hover Effect.

Dots: the customization options for the Dots are similar to that of the arrow. You will have the option to place the dots either inside or outside the cards. Then you can set a different background color and dot color for the normal and hover state fo the Dot. This helps to project a nice Hover Effect.

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