EA Event Calendar Integration: The EventON WordPress Plugin

EA Event Calendar offers integration with the popular EventON WordPress Plugin. With the help of Essential Addons PRO, you can fetch any event details which you have created using EventON plugin into EA Event Calendar and style them any way you want with Elementor.

How to Integrate EvenON Plugin with EA Event Calendar? #

First of all, make sure that you have installed and activated EventON plugin on your WordPress site. Make sure to create some events through the EventON plugin. You will see all EventON features there. If you want to know more details, you can check out this documentation.

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

How To Activate EA Event Calender #

To use this Essential Addons element, find the ‘EA Event Calendar’ from the Search option under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab first. Then just simply Drag & Drop the ‘Event Calendar’ into the Drag widget here on the ‘+’ section.

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

How To Configure Content Settings #

From the ‘Content’ tab, pick EventON as your ‘Events Source’.

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

EventON #

From ‘EventON’ section, you can pick your preferred EventON categories, tags, event types, location, sponsored organization name and more. Based on the criteria you have chosen, Event Calendar will show those particular events.

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

Calendar #

From ‘Calendar’ section, you can configure the Calendar settings. You can choose your preferred ‘Language’ and ‘Event Background Color’. If you have any featured events, you can even change the color of the featured event as well.

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

How To Style EvenON Event Calendar #

If you want, you can customize how you want your event calendar to appear from the ‘Style’ tab of the Event Calendar. You can change the colors, typography, time, date, list view, events, event popup, and many other features to make your calendar look standout.  

EA Event Calendar EventON integration

Final Outcome #

By following all the above steps and modify the overall settings, you can style your EventON event calendar with EA Event Calendar as per your desire.

EA Event Calendar EventON integrationThis is how with the help of EA Event Calendar, you can display events from EventON plugin and personalize it with Elementor.

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