How to Retrieve Google Calendar API Key?

To retrieve your Google Calendar API Key, you have to go to the Google Developers Console to generate your Google Calendar API. Afterward, you have to create a project and give it a name by clicking on the ‘New Project’ from the Dashboard.

Event Calendar ElementorAfterward, you will have to ‘Enable APIS and Services’ section to go to the Google Calendar API portion to enable it.

Event Calendar Elementor

After successfully finishing the previous step, Let’s enable ‘Goole Calendar API’ from ‘API Library’ dashboard.

Event Calendar Elementor

Then, you will have to click on the ‘Create Credential’ option to get your ‘Calendar API Key’.

Event Calendar Elementor Just click on the API Key part and it will automatically create your API Key for the Calendar.

Event Calendar Elementor This is how you can easily retrieve your Google Calendar API Key and use it with EA Event Calendar.

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