EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste

EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste extension can help you copy one website content to another following some simple steps. You can avail yourself the full freedom to copy exactly the same elements on multiple different sites with this exclusive extension from Essential Addons for Elementor

Follow all the simple steps to know how to configure Cross-Domain Copy Paste extension in Elementor.

How To Activate EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste Extension?  #

First, you have to activate the EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste extension from your Essential Addons dashboard. To do so go to Essential Addons → Extensions. Then toggle to enable EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste Extension. Click on the ‘Save Settings’ button after making the changes. 

Note: EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste is a premium extension. So you have to install and activate Essential Addons PRO on your WordPress dashboard. 

ea cross-domain copy paste

How To Configure EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste Extension? #

Now that you are completely ready to follow these step-by-step guides to use this EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste extension for your websites.  

Make sure you have activated and installed Essential Addons on both sites and enabled this ‘Cross-Domain Copy Paste’ Extension. 

First, open a page on one of your Elementor websites from which you want to copy content for another Elementor site.

Afterward, right-click on the element and click on the ‘Cross-Domain Copy’ from the drop-down. Your content element will be instantly copied. ea cross domain copy paste

Now open a page on another website where you want to paste your copied content. Right-click on the page and click on the ‘Cross-Domain Paste’ from the drop-down options. The content will be instantly posted on the new website’s page. 

cross-domain copy paste

Final Outcome #

Here is the total process of using EA Cross-Domain Copy Paste extension at a glance.

cross-domain copy paste

This is how the EA Cross-domain Copy Paste extension lets you simply copy & paste one Elementor website content to another site.

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

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